All your documents
in one place

Fluar simplifies the most time-consuming office routine - creating documents.
Create your own templates and make documentation easier than ever with one button, easy as it sounds.
Don’t waste time writing documents. Let Fluar take care of it.

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Templates filled
with your own data

Create a unique database of all your workers. Access and edit information at any time you need. Storing employees’ data has never been safer and easier.

Fluar will simply copy the necessary data, paste it into templates and generate complete documents.

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Fully automate your document's flow.

Forget about filling contracts manually and turn the mundane task into a one-tap action. Fluar fully automatizes the process by transferring data onto created templates.

Let your office managers save time and focus on different tasks. Just let the app do the job.

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Safety first!

With fluar you don’t have to worry about any confidential information from your company being exposed. We guarantee full protection of your database and documents.

Smart and stylish

Elegant and consistent design of all your documents. Create a unique set of office papers that you'll enjoy for a long time.

Simply the best!

Don't get overwhelmed. Let Fluar create highest quality documents in the easiest way ever. Preparing office papers has never been more fun.

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Try out new fresh tool for your document's flow automation.
We are still in beta testing, which means there is a lot to do yet.
But with your feedback, we can make it work even better.

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